The Process of Property Conveyancing

The process of transferring of the legal ownership of a property from a vendor to an owner is called conveyancing. The transfer of legal title between domestic partners, family members or spouses is also included in this process of conveyancing. When a seller or a buyer enters into a Contract of Sale, then the process of transfer of legal title of property starts. When all the relevant parties agree to the transaction, then the Contracts of Sale are legally applicable.

Conveyancer Eltham can help you in this process of property buying and selling by their conveyancing advices. Some of the factors that conveyancing contains are given as follows –

  • Liaising with mortgages.
  • Preparing relevant paperwork for transferring the title of ownership from one person to the other.
  • Conducting researches
  • Attending and organizing settlement
  • Calculating adjustments for the appointment of rate of fees.

At Signature Conveyancers, every client matters a lot. They provide individual service at a very affordable rate. They never compromise with the standard of service because of their low service rates. They offer adequate time and attention to each and every client to make the conveyancing process a successful and profitable one. All the staffs at Signature Conveyancers Diamond Creek are highly experienced in the field of conveyancing. Legal practitioners or licensed conveyancers  do all the conveyancing works of the clients in Signature Conveyancers.

The following services are provided by the conveyancers at Signature Conveyancers to their clients:-

  • Settlements are organized by them.
  • The professionals will provide you with all the required information to keep you updated.
  • Enquiries and research are undertaken by the conveyancers.
  • The requirements of your lender are attended by the conveyancers.
  • The practitioners also liaise with the real estate agent of their clients.
  • Terms of the Contract of Sale are also negotiable by the conveyancers.
  • You will be advised on your Contract of Sale by them.
  • The entire procedure of selling and buying a property is explained to you by the conveyancers.


Purchasing a property is not at all an easy task. Skill, understanding and care of the conveyancing process are required in order to complete this complex task of conveyancing of a property. Before finalizing to make an offer, a property should be visited several times by a prospective purchaser. Basic needs of a purchaser such as style, size, location, etc. will be determined to be met or not after the initial inspection of the property. Use your subsequent inspection to know whether any issue is related to the property or not. Before purchasing the property, make sure that all the gas and electrical appliances work in good condition. Take some photos of the property to show the vendor if any repair or change is needed. Ask for pest inspection report to make sure that the property is pest free.


The help of a Licensed Real Estate Agent is optional for a vendor to sell the property. But you have to list your property with an agent if you want to sell it. A Section 32 Statement has to be prepared by your conveyancer to proceed further.

Book an appointment with the conveyancer at Signature Conveyancers either to sell or purchase any property smoothly.

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