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Dreamscape Tours is now Booking Unique Christmas Cruises

boat cruiseMelbourne, Australia – April 27, 2016 – Nothing says class and exclusivity like a boat cruises Melbourne and Dreamscape Tours & Events is currently booking Christmas cruises down the Yarra River across Melbourne.

The agency’s Christmas boat cruises are one of the most popular and highly anticipated events in the Melbourne area. Christmas cruises are conducted from Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016 through Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016. Dreamscape Tours is currently accepting bookings for the Christmas cruises and individuals are urged to book early as availability is limited and tours quickly sell out.

The luxury ships of Dreamscape Tours & Events can accommodate groups up to 330 people and multiple cruises are available that cater to individual tastes and interests. The cruise specialists can provide excursions for celebrating holidays, corporate parties and marking personal events in style and trips can be scheduled throughout the year. The agency tailors cruises to the individual group, providing a fully-equipped party boat to travel Melbourne’s waterways in complete comfort.

Packages include vessel hire, GST and on-site event manager. Boats are stocked with beverages of beer, wine and soft drinks and cash bars are also an option. Menus can be arranged for a casual outing or can include international cuisine for a fine dining experience.

Cruises encompass a DJ, waiters if required, entry to a venue after the cruise, and free Comedy tickets for each person. An extensive array of entertainment can be selected, ranging from dancing, Karaoke and a mock casino to performing artists, comedians and fire performers.

Dreamscape Tours maintains a fleet of spacious yachts that include luxury cruisers, party boats, and flat cruisers for its Yarra River boat cruises. Specialized lighting can be arranged and entertainment provided to create specific themes for the agency’s four-hour cruises.

Passengers can enjoy a wealth of scenic vistas that can only be viewed from the water. Tours encompass views of the Arts Centre, docks and the MCG. Depending upon weather conditions, ships may also travel to St. Kilda or Williamstown and Post Phillip Bay for a view of ships at anchor.

A Yarra River boat cruise by Dreamscape Tours & Events is a unique and luxurious way to celebrate any event or time of the year and Christmas cruises are currently being booked. Looking for an christmas party venues melbourne? Multiple packages are offered to accommodate a wide variety of desires for personal, holiday and corporate requirements.

For more information, call (03) 9844 1122, email, or visit Dreamscape Tours & Events online.



About Dreamscape Tours & Events

Dreamscape Tours & Events is one of Australia’s most well-known entertainment companies, offering wine tours, cruises, nightclub tours, yarra valley wine tours and the unique Function Twilight Train. The agency brings people together through fun times, great memories and shared experiences, accommodating clients of all ages and interests. The agency maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.


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Dreamscape Tours & Events

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RV Wifi connecting your caravan to the internet

Single-unitRV Wi-Fi is the modern and convenient way to stay connected with family and friends while on the road or with the office during working holidays. Developed specifically for RV enthusiasts, the company’s routers and software offers individuals with the means to enjoy all the communication and entertainment options available no matter where their journey takes them.

The Telstra network offers the most extensive coverage area and mobile options available for use with portable motorhome wifi RV Wi-Fi equipment. Like any network, connectivity doesn’t extend everywhere but it will be available to most locations where caravan and motorhome communities are common.
Data costs with satellite systems can be extremely expensive and prohibitive for many, with costs of up to $2 per minute. RV Wi-Fi ranges between $30-50 per month for most, depending upon usage. The systems work with streaming services, enabling caravaners to enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows and entertainments wherever they may travel.

Call RV Wifi now 0435 751 240

Precision Plumbing Offers Multiple Services and Free Online Quotes

Precision Plumbing provides an array of plumbing services to ensure drains flow, burst pipes are quickly repaired, taps are replaced, and toilet cisterns are replaced and repaired. The company has earned a reputation for repairs and installations with minimal mess and offers 24/7 emergency services.

Blocked drain diamond creek aren’t always caused by hair and debris. They may be the result of tree roots growing into underground pipes that can cause significant damage to property and structures if left unattended. With CCTV technology and high pressure machines, the company’s professionals can pinpoint the exact location of problems and clear them. Pipes that have been dislodged are repaired and realigned at competitive prices.

Precision Plumbing understands that time is of the essence when dealing with water problems of any type, whether it’s a leaky faucet, dysfunctional water heater or burst pipes. A leaky pipe or faucet may seem like an inconvenience, but even a small drip can waste up to 25 litres of water per day and add significant costs to water bills.

Call now on 0421 134 184

Melbourne Garden Designer Nourishes the Human Spirit with Unique Landscapes

From golf courses and public gardens to commercial and residential areas, a garden designer beautifies the world around them through the use of plants and decorative features that includes fountains, falls and stonework. Nathan Burkett Design offers a wide range of design services that create functional, innovative and sustainable green spaces throughout Melbourne that nourish the human spirit.

Burkett offers complete landscaping design services and concepts for residential and commercial clients. Landscape design, construction, and landscape garden maintenance programs are specifically developed to meet the unique needs and requirements of clients. His firm specialises in low-maintenance solutions for busy individuals.

Creating a garden landscape is a multi-step process that requires a consultation with clients to determine the type of garden or landscaping they want that accommodates their particular site, architecture and lifestyle. A design that includes all major features will be developed that includes lighting, pathways, structures and swimming pools. Landscaping plans are amended at necessary.

Burkett is an award-winning garden design and architect knowledgeable in the types of plants and materials available to create the surroundings demanded by discerning clients. His firm maintains a network of highly skilled professionals in multiple fields ranging from lighting and stonework to irrigation systems to provide clients with gardens and landscaping for a variety of usages.

As a garden designer, Burkett has a passion for improving surroundings with greenery, utilizing intelligent design that’s environmentally friendly for indoor and outdoor venues. From elaborate public gardens and private estates to herb gardens for chefs, Burkett has the extensive knowledge required to combine the multiple elements needed to accommodate the creation of any type of garden desired.

Burkett has distinguished himself with an eye for detail and bold styles that are quickly becoming a standard in garden design. He’s worked on some of the finest gardens in Australia for celebrities and highly recognized public figures, transforming mundane surroundings into elegant living spaces.

From simple and serene to classic and sophisticated, Burkett is a garden designer that makes optimal use of available space with sustainable and environmentally friendly landscapes for every need. Natural materials, decorative features and lighting options all combine for gardens that nourish the human spirit.

For more information, call +61 3 9095 8344 or visit Nathan Burkett Design online.

Hydronic Heating Melbourne Provides Financial Savings for Commercial Projects

hydronic_heatingThe use of hydronic heating is gaining in popularity for multiple types of commercial venues, along with sterile and “clean” environments. Supreme Hydronics is an industry leader in the installation of the systems within new construction projects and retrofitting for existing buildings.

Hydronic heating utilizes a boiler system and specialised pipes installed under the floor. Heated water is circulated through the pipes and warmth is radiated through the flooring. There are no forced air furnaces that blow air into a room, thereby eliminating the circulation of dust and contaminates throughout the air.

Efficient and cost effective, hydronic heating significantly reduces cleaning costs and provides an improved work environment for employees. Hydronic heating is hygienic and has been proven to reduce sick days and lost productivity. Those with joint, back and circulatory problems are more productive when they don’t work on cold floors.

Hydronic heating is especially beneficial within industries where humidity levels must be closely monitored and controlled. The systems aid in maintaining a mould and mildew free environment. Traditional heating systems blow air into a building, but it rises to the top third of a room. Hydronic heating keeps warmth close to the ground where it’s needed most, providing financial savings for structures with high ceilings and overhead doors.

That function is particularly important for facilities during the winter months, where snow and ice can form to create dangerous surfaces. Snow quickly melts and evaporates, minimizing the potential for slip and fall accidents. Individual heating zones can be created within structures that can be controlled automatically, manually and by mobile devices and applications.

Many developers are repurposing warehouses and similar structures for use as apartments, condos and office space. Buildings can be retrofitted and adapted for hydronic heating, adding value, consumer appeal and a higher return on investment. The systems are also growing in popularity for educational institutions, hospitals, churches and even correctional facilities.

While hydronic heating Melbourne systems by Supreme Hydronics offer increased comfort and efficiency for clean environments, the primary benefit for commercial endeavors is financial. The systems can provide savings of up to 90 percent over traditional heating methods.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0449 883 849. For more information, visit Supreme Hydronics online.


About Supreme Hydronics

Supreme Hydronics is a leading provider and installer of hydronic heating systems in Europe. The company provides underfloor heating, towel rails, radiator panels, Rehau pipes, manifolds and boiler systems. The firm’s director, Damien Maxwell, is originally from Ireland where hydronic heating is essential. Maxwell has more than 10 years of experience with hydronic heating systems.