ROVs at Ecomarine Services Prevent Interruptions During Fire and Water Tank Inspections

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ROVs at Ecomarine Services Prevent Interruptions During Fire and Water Tank Inspections



Eltham, Australia – Dec. 22, 2015 – Ecomarine Services founder, Michael Sparg, announced that the company provides fire and water tank inspections without interruption of service with the firm’s remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). There’s no need to drain tanks or disrupt valuable services while an inspection is being performed.

“We’ve become one of the premiere inspection services and we’ll beat any legitimate quote for our clients,” said Lamb.

The use of ROVs offers clients a safer, more efficient and cost effective alternative for inspectors than a dive team. The devices are small, portable and able to fit through most hatches without difficulty. The state-of-the-art ROVs are operated by United States trained pilots who are fully qualified to work in multiple types of aquatic environments.

Using ROVs allow tanks to remain operational and avoid disruptions in service while inspections are being conducted. There’s no need to waste valuable water resources by draining the tank and the environmental impact is significantly lessened since water doesn’t have to be evacuated. Digital photos and videos are recorded for each inspection point and a DVD and written report is provided to each client for proof of inspection.

Fire and water tank cleanings are mandated after a tank has been in service for a year and every 10 years thereafter. Ecomarine Services checks for leaks, the condition of liners, supports, inlets and outlets, and internal corrosion. The company is cognizant of the standards that must be maintained and facets that must be inspected.

Ecomarine Services provides ROVs for an extensive array of aquatic needs. In addition to portable and fixed fire and water tank inspections, the company works with public water systems. The firm provides sediment removal from tank bottoms, along with cleaning and internal repairs and maintenance.

The company’s ROVs are utilized for wrecked vessels and salvage operations, insurance investigations, and for locations that are hazardous or difficult to access. Ecomarine regularly provides environmental surveys, instrument installations and species collection for a diverse clientele. ROVs are a safe and effective means for fuel, oil and hazardous material identification.

The fire and water tank inspections available through Ecomarine Services provides clients with a method of meeting mandated standards and requirements that is most cost effective and doesn’t disrupt normal operations. The company has become a premiere provider of ROV services and will meet any genuine quote by competitors.


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Founded by commercial diver Michael Sparg, Ecomarine Services provides remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections and cleaning of fire and water tanks, marine insurance investigations, scientific diving, and a wide range of underwater construction services.


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