Pest Services Melbourne Offers Quick Solutions for Termite Hives

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Pest Services Melbourne Offers Quick Solutions for Termite Hives



termitesMelbourne, Australia – Nov. 6, 2015 – The pest services Melbourne company of Everyday Pest Control has fast and effective remedies for termite infestations. The firm’s professionals are termite prevention, control and eradication experts, using methods that are safe for family and pets.

Everyday Pest Control provides free estimates and no obligation quotes. Altriset® is used for the prevention and elimination process, a unique termiticide that begins working on the insects within a few hours of application and is taken back to the hive for faster dissemination. Altriset® continues to work for up to nine years for effective, continuous protection.

A termite hive has a single queen that can live to the age of 50 and produce 500,000 or more offspring during her lifetime. Even with that many termites, individuals typically don’t notice the damage to structures until it’s quite advanced. There are different types of termites and some prefer damp places while others require less moisture to survive.

Termite infestations can be extremely difficult to detect for the untrained eye and are often confused with flying ants. The professionals at EveryDay Pest Control are trained experts specialising in termite detection and elimination and can locate signs of activity even with a small hive.

Mud tubes are the easiest and most obvious signs many individuals notice of subterranean termites. The tubes provide a safe pathway for termites to migrate without exposing themselves to sunlight. Termites of reproductive age have wings that allow them to migrate to other locations, but they shed their wings at certain times of the year and piles of those wings often appear around the home.

Other types that require slightly drier conditions live within wooden structures in close contact with their food source. They leave piles of what appears like sawdust around cracks in woodworks, in beams and around window sills. Some leave a dirt-like residue in corners and around the base of walls.

Termite infestations cost approximately $5 billion in damage each year, weakening the wood of the structures they inhabit. Homeowners may notice sagging wood or long, thin cracks in advanced infestations. Beetles and carpenter ants cause similar damage and it requires a trained professional to correctly identify the insect problem. Everyday Pest Control offers cost effective solutions for all Melbourne pests.

Pest services Melbourne offered by Everyday Pest Control provide consumers with a fast, efficient and cost effective method of preventing and eradicating termites that chew through and destroy the wood of any structure. The company uses proven methods that are safe for family and pets.

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