Oz Tree Services offers premium headge trimming service

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Oz Tree Services offers premium headge trimming service


Hedge_Trimming___Pruning_061-300x200An increasing number of home and commercial property owners are choosing living hedges as an eco-friendly alternative to metal and wooden fences as privacy barriers. They help clean and oxygenate the air, while providing greenery that has a positive effect on the psyche.
A wide variety of plants can be used for hedging, including those that produce flowers, but trimming is essential for a hedge to retain the desired qualities and not intrude into spaces where it’s unwelcome. The benefits of having a trained arborist maintain hedges include:
1. Maintains the appropriate symmetry and form of the specific type of plant
2. Provides stability
3. Creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance
4. Promotes health
5. Encourages growth
6. Inhibits depredations by insects
7. Prevents plant diseases
8. Increases property values
9. Prevents deadwood from becoming a problem during storms
10. Professionals know exactly how each type of hedge should be trimmed
Hedges can quickly grow beyond their scope and boundaries if not regularly trimmed and maintained. Overgrown hedges sap the strength of roots and lower limbs, leading to destabilization of the entire plant. In the presence of high winds and fierce storms, hedges that are left to grow wild can uproot and pose a threat to people and property.

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