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Pavers Melbourne Engineers Projects for Longevity and Beauty


modern-patioAnston Paving Stones, a premiere pavers Melbourne company, doesn’t view projects in the short term – their creations are designed for longevity. The family owned company has earned a reputation for exemplary customer service and designing unique high-end projects throughout Melbourne with environmentally sensitive engineered stone.

Anston Paving Stones provides consultations for domestic customers, commercial enterprises and public entities for beautification, to ensure compliance with the law, and ensure that current and future needs are met. The award-winning Melbourne paving company is one of a select few that has earned the respect and confidence of celebrities, along with master architects and landscape designers that also award winners.

Decorative and functional pavers are available for private and public pool coping, steps and risers, and tactile paving stones for the blind. Benches, spheres and cubes, and light bollards are available and the company welcomes unusual, custom and challenging requests for landscape features. Pavers are available in multiple colours and sizes, allowing clients to coordinate all the elements of their projects.

Any paving project requires much more than simply leveling ground and laying down pavers. Each enterprise represents a major engineering feat that requires specialised knowledge of the earth, the paver materials and mixture that’s used, and the properties of the area in which they’ll be installed.

Without the knowledge of those elements that comes with years of experience, the potential exists for problems ranging from popping and cracking to staining and discolouration. The conditions can be costly to remedy and may not appear for months or even years. Some of those conditions arise when companies improperly install pavers, while others are the result of improper handling of the pavers prior to installation.

Pavers Melbourne engineers projects for longevity, factoring in how the pavers will be used and the environmental elements that will come in contact with the pavers, from leaf litter and cleaning chemicals to animal traffic. Anston Paving Stones takes care to maximize client investment and are skilled with larger paving blocks that require specialised care and installation. The company was the first to utilize carbon neutral processes that are environmentally friendly and beautiful to behold.

For more information, call 1300 788 694 or visit Anston Paving Stones online.

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